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Best Case Collection for Google Nexus

Made from eco-friendly bamboo, the lightweight Minimus has a 
finger-print resistant "SmoothTexture" finish.

Cost: $24.95

If you're looking for ultra-thin protection without adding bulk, this 
snap-on case delivers in blue, pink, grey and black.

Cost: $24.99

Simplicity itself, this pouch-style cover will shield your phone with real 
leather class.

Cost: $14.92

4. Ballistic Shell Gel Case

Described as "pocket-able protection" for your Nexus 4, the Shell 
Gel is engineered with three layers of tough stuff and has a non-slip 

Cost: $34.99

5. Handmade Sleeve

Finally, we've got something a little different with this padded denim case 
that features the "Nexus" logo. To make your case stand out even further 
from the crowd, you can choose the inner lining color from white, black, 
red, blue, green or orange.

Cost: $19

pop sleeve

6. Square shaped cases

If you are weary of those square shaped cases and covers, you 
can consider this streamline designed Nexus 7 sleeve. The 
neoprene material makes it pretty easy to clean while 
keeping a good protection for your tablet. 

Cost $29.99

MoKo Slim-fit Case for Google Nexus 7 Android Tablet

we can figure it out clearly from the photo that this case tend to 
practicality. And to be honest, when you see the real thing in front 
of your eye, you will be impressed by the well-made material and 
how nice it feels. 

Cost $14.99
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